If you have a severe bite problem, orthodontic treatment alone may not be enough to correct the problem. When this occurs, Dr. Lisa may recommend combining orthognathic (jaw) surgery with more traditional orthodontics to help you improve your oral function, smile, and overall appearance. Orthognathic surgery may also be recommended as part of a treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Severe malocclusion may contribute to a number of functional problems, including:

  • The inability to chew food properly
  • Speech difficulties
  • Facial dysfunction (including headaches, joint pain, and periodontal trauma)

Surgical orthodontics is a team effort. The best results are achieved using graphic imaging technology and interdisciplinary planning. When you receive surgical orthodontics, our orthodontist will collaborate with your dentist, a trusted oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and you to ensure that we achieve the cosmetic and functional results you need and desire.

Please remember that while surgery may be the best option to achieve the results you want, it is always an elective procedure. We will discuss all surgical, non-surgical, and alternative treatment options with you, as well as the option to not seek treatment at all. We want you to be fully informed and feel comfortable with your treatment goals and expectations.

You should also remember that in many cases orthognathic surgery may be avoided through effective and timely early orthodontic treatment. Early jaw orthopedics can modify the amount and direction of unfavorable jaw growth, especially during the more active stages of growth and development that occur before age 7. Our orthodontist meets with children as early as age 4 to diagnose and treat developing problems as early as possible.

For more information about braces with jaw surgery in Orlando or Clermont, Florida, and to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lisa, please contact our office today.