At Yurkiewicz Orthodontics, we take a (w)holistic approach to orthodontics. By offering both conventional and complementary/integrative treatments, Dr. Lisa is able to provide CHOICE  i.e. more treatment options to ultimately find the treatment plan that may better suit your needs and concerns.

We prefer to work with your body, not against it. Some patients and families have unique or uncommon health issues in which standard orthodontics (braces) is NOT an option or a preference.

Our integrative treatments are the culmination of evidence-based data from a number of natural and basic sciences, including anatomy, physiology, embryology, biochemistry and neurology, as well as various disciplines outside the traditional dental specialty of orthodontics.

Some of the treatments and appliances Dr. Lisa may recommend include:

Dr. Lisa may consult or co-treat with other skilled & experienced specialists to create a truly collaborative team approach to treatment.

Please remember that only a comprehensive, thorough clinical examination and medico-dental history can indicate which treatment(s) and orthodontic appliance(s) are most appropriate for an individual patient.

To schedule your personal consultation in Orlando and Clermont, Florida with Dr. Lisa to review various integrative or complementary options, please contact us at 352-241-4884.